Hot melt adhesive mattress industry analysis

Aug 12, 2021

The mattress industry in my country is very fragmented. In 2016, the total market share of the top eight mattress brands in China was only about 15%, the concentration of the top four brands was 10.5%, and the market share of the largest company was only 3.9%. Compared with the home appliance industry, the market concentration of the top four brands of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and color TVs are all around 60%. We believe that compared with other furniture categories, mattress products are relatively standardized, can be produced on a large scale, have a higher value of single products, and have the basis for branding. The brand concentration process of my country's mattress industry has just begun, and the market structure is far from mature.

The production of mattresses needs to be glued in many places. Hot melt adhesive has become one of the inseparable tool industry chains that are closely related to the adhesion of the mattress industry.

Hot melt glue is melted by the hot melt machine through heat, the glue after melting becomes a kind of liquid, and it is sent to the surface of the object to be adhered through the throat and hot melt spray gun of the hot melt glue machine. After the hot melt glue is cooled That is, the bonding is completed, which overcomes the most critical problems of weak bonding and environmental protection.

In the future, under the trend of globalization of the hot melt adhesive industry, the demand will be more diversified. The hot melt adhesive companies that gradually scale up will also have sufficient strength to do basic research and actively introduce automated production line equipment to replace labor or increase work. In order to gain an advantage in a market with serious product homogeneity. Therefore, the development of technology is almost inevitable.

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